Maria Nalbantova


2019 | In the Palace

Illustrations based on four poems about the city at sea, about longing and love, by the poets Hristo Fotev and Petya Dubarova. Commissioned works by Compote Collective for the 16th "In the Palace International Short Film Festival" - Varna, Bulgaria

2018/2017 | Literaturen Vestnik (Литературен Вестник)

Commissioned illustrations in the period 2017-2018 by Literaturen Vestnik (Literary Newspaper) - Bulgaria

2016 | Daw

acrylic on analogue photography, 15 x 10 сm
The woman-bird and her lack of orientation, eternal search, vulnerability. Her path filled with madness and uncontrollable emotions. The dance of the lonely specimen.

2014 | The mirror and its fragments

inspired by Hans C. Andersen