Maria Nalbantova

Illustration | 2018 | A Button for Dreaming

Original title:  Копче за сън
(A Button for Dreaming)

Text author: Valeri Petrov
Illustrations & design: Maria Nalbantova
General layout of the series: Kiril Zlatkov
Colibri Publishers, Bulgaria, 2018

2018th edition “A Button for Dreaming”, the legendary tale of the famous Bulgarian writer and screenwriter Valeri Petrov

“A Button for Dreaming” is the legendary tale of the famous Bulgarian writer Valeri Petrov. The story is one of the beloved masterpieces in children’s literature and reminds us that there is no more precious beauty than goodness. It is filled with emotions, friendship, tenderness, attention, understanding, sympathy in a colorful world in which magic exists and the game is a driving force for moral purification. The book tells of the little Ogie, who is afraid of the darkness, and his sympathetic grandfather, who is forced to invent a fairytale after a fairytale to put his grandchild Ogie to sleep. This is the magic world of the child’s subconscious, its purity and its ability to fantasize in a way that most of the adults have long forgotten.
Valeri Petrov is a prominent Bulgarian poet, screenwriter, playwright and translator, famous for his brilliant translations of William Shakespeare’s works in Bulgarian. Petrov has been an Academy member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 2003 and is on the honorary list of the International Children’s Book Council because of the collection of stories “Five Stories”, where the story “A Button for Dreaming” is included.