Maria Nalbantova

Artist books | 2015 | Dreambear (Намечкание)

photo by Maria Nalbantova
2015 | Dreambear (Намечкание)

Author picture book
digital print, glue
24 pages, 31 x 22 х 22 сm
limited edition set

Presented at Sofia Art Book Fair (2017), curated by Desislava Pancheva at Cosmos coworking camp - Sofia, Bulgaria
Presented at the 1st edition of the Hip hip Zine Fair (2015), curated by Desislava Pancheva at Cultural Center at Sofia University - Bulgaria

Author’s book containing 12 Bulgarian folk proverbs and sayings. Each one is correctly transmitted, and the main protagonist is the bear. The illustration uses textual signs and turns them into picture material.