Maria Nalbantova
What's next?, 2019
photo by Maria Nalbantova

What's next?, 2019

herbarium, plastic bags, wooden frame, canvas, coal
100 х 130 см

Part of the exhibition "Carbon" [08.05.-04.06.2019] at The Red Dot Depot & Gallery - Sofia, Bulgaria, curated by Slav Nedev.

The work "What's next?" discusses some of the major problems of the present which are fundamental for a sustainable future, such as environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources. The work approaches, as an ironic reading, the practice of the landscape painting. Nature is a constant object of interpretation and such paintings are emanation of natural beauty, which contrasts with our contemporary times, where the importance of environmental issues are often widely ignored. The interplay between herbarium and nylon-bags with printed landscapes embroidered on the detached canvas from its frame, is becoming the interpretation of the paradoxical moment we are in.