Maria Nalbantova
Wallpaper roll "Romance", 2019
photo by Rossina Pencheva

Wallpaper roll "Romance", 2019

print on wallpaper, found images
328 x 445 cm

Part of the exhibition "The Goods of the Time" [20.07.-02.08.2019] at Goethe-Institut Sofia, curated by Anastasya Skvortsova

Love novels are one of the best-selling book genres worldwide. In them, the woman is represented as the weaker subject who submits entirely to the wishes of men. Sometimes she is almost raped, which is not perceived as humiliation, but rather the embodiment of passion. The covers of these books depict a muscular male body hugging a tender beauty. This image becomes the “icon” of ardent love.

The work is a set of wall-mounted wallpaper rolls containing a motif formed from a selection of found love novel covers with the removed texts, where the male and female figures are always in a similar position.