Maria Nalbantova
Pure Porn, 2020
photo by Maria Nalbantova

Pure Porn, 2020

image transfer on soap
10 soap bars, glass boxes, metal, tiles with defects

Part of the group exhibition "Where is the sculpture?" with curator Kiril Vassilev at Credo Bonum Gallery - Sofia, Bulgaria
Photos by Maia Nalbantova, Antoni Rayzhekov

10 soap bars in glass boxes. On nine of them there is a graphic transfer of found images. The tenth soap has a washed image leaving only visible the remains as dried soap bubbles after the washing process.
The source images were found at the fleamarket - a series of home made style porn photos - approximately dating from the late 70's.
The work was created during the first wave of the covid pandemic in 2020, when hand washing and body hygiene became the highest value and a demonstration of responsibility for oneself and the others.
At the same time, Bulgaria was in first place in the statistics for downloading porn videos from the pornhub platform. Currently, Bulgaria remains a country that has not ratified the Istanbul Convention.