Maria Nalbantova
Pure Porn, 2020
photo by Maria Nalbantova

Pure Porn, 2020

image transfer on soap
10 soap bars, ink, glass, metal, found images, tiles with defects

2022 Part of the exhibition "BUNKER 22", curators: Liana Dimitrova, Christo Kuzmanov and Ralitsa Gerasimova, 59 Rivoli, Paris, France
2020 Part of the exhibition „Where is the sculpture?“, curator: Kiril Vassilev, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia
Photos by Maia Nalbantova, Antoni Rayzhekov

The work “Pure porn” consists of 10 soap bars in glass boxes. On the surface of nine of them there is a graphic transfer of found photos. The tenth soap was used, the image disappeared, only the dried soap bubbles remained visible after the washing process. The source images were found at the fleamarket - a series of home made style porn photos.

With work worthy of jewellery, Maria has designed for her Pure Porn series, soaps with erotic images printed using a graphic transfer. The soap, in its box-jewel, raises the question of “What is clean? What is dirty? „. „It is easy to erase the image of pornography“, she tells us. „On the soap, it's not just a sex act, but a political map of society. It is about the hygiene of the mind beyond the body. “If we often talk about the hygiene of the body or even relationships, she admits that” it is very important to talk about the hygiene of the conscience“. Isn't the expression „We wash our hands“ the metaphor for washing our conscience? - Jérôme Decourcelles