Maria Nalbantova
Weather forecast | Isobars & Lightning, 2018
photo by Radostin Sedevchev

Weather forecast | Isobars & Lightning, 2018

Door Curtain
textile, embroidery, acrylic, beads
144 x 220 cm

The work was part of Maria Nalbantova's solo exhibition "Weather Forecast" (2018) at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, curated by Daniela Radeva

Photos by Radostin Sedevchev and Maria Nalbantova

The isobar is the line connecting the points of equal pressure. The work corresponds and is also in contact with the sculpture “Woman with a Mirror” (1962) by Vaska Emanouilova - a famous Bulgarian visual artist, part of the permanent exposition of the gallery named in her honor in which the exhibition “Weather Forecast” is situated.