Maria Nalbantova

Solo exhibitions | 2020 | hybrid-pure

photo by Maria Djelebova
2020 | hybrid-pure

The exhibition hybrid-pure is a final part of my residency in the Artist’s studio at SARIEV, SARIEV Gallery - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Photos by Maria Djelebova, Evgeniya Dimitrova and Maia Nalbantova

Video documentation by Vladislav Sevov, about the the project Artist’s studio at Sariev

The exhibition shows new works created during my stay in Plovdiv between May 13 and June 12, a stay during which I turned the gallery space into my studio. The project is related to hygiene, but the one beyond the body that inhabits the territories of the human, the moral and the existential. Hygiene in human relationships, personal moral hygiene related to our personal responsibility to others and some higher human categories, as well as hygiene related to our interaction with nature and the environment.