Maria Nalbantova
Dry hands, 2019
photo by Maria Djelebova

Dry Hands, 2019

various dimensions
towel holder with mirror, towel with embroidery, used gloves

2021 Part of the exhibition “In defence of solid material”, curated by Vesselina Sarieva, Sarieva, Plovdiv, BG
2019 Part of the exhibition “Good mirrors are not cheap”, curated by Chiara Cartuccia, Goethe-Institut Bulgarien

One of our daily routines is to wash our hands. Clean hands can bear the sensation of a clean mind.
Dry hands are not only clean but they are also dry. Dry hands are protected by work gloves so that they are neither dirty nor clean.
This work draws our attention to finding new connections in our understanding of labour, cleanliness, collective actions, one’s identity, intimacy, social world, history, the future and the present

Photography by Photo-Corps, Maria Djelebova and Maria Nalbantova