Maria Nalbantova

Installations | 2019 | Dry Hands

photo by Photo-Corps
2019 | DRY HANDS

digital print, glue, canvas
26 pages, 22 х 22 сm, limited edition set of 90 books, handmade

Part of the exhibition "Good mirrors are not cheap" [20.07.-02.08.2019] at Goethe-Institut Sofia, curated by Chiara Cartuccia.

One of the important part of person’s daily routine is to wash your hands. Clean hands often carry the sense of the clean and pure mind. Perhaps almost all of the self-doubt is washed away and now one can easily forget when, because of what and why got dirty in a first place. Within the ever accelerating currents of our present-day, we grow comfort, while trying to silence our fears and re-forget our mistakes, as if we look towards better times. Nevertheless, it is not enough to wash and clean your hands, one must also dry them.