Maria Nalbantova
DIY Material Speculations, 2022

DIY Material Speculations, 2022

Media arts festival “Schmiede”, Hallein, Austria
10 days in Alte Saline, Hallein
joint project with Sue Vogel, Lisa Hofer, Nathalia Campreguer França

Collecting algae in the lake, weed along the river, bark of trees, ashes from burnt wood, rust from iron structures, the plaster from walls, salt from the old salt factory, hair, etc. to explore and speculate on new materials. We included the leftover, raw, by-product, biogenous waste materials of our habitat to propose a variety of materials at the level of the artistic and creative practice into the process. The DIY movement goes beyond the creation of products in the direction of democratizing material development. Can the materials of our surrounding be a fertilizer for new possibilities?