Maria Nalbantova
Weather forecast | Disaster, 2018
photo by Radostin Sedevchev

Weather forecast | Disaster, 2018

textiles, paper, stone, glass, acrylic, ink
135 x 110 cm

Part of the group exhibition "Interconnection: On Bodies of Water"(2019), curated by Veronika Čechová and Tereza Jindrová at Swimming Pool - Sofia, Bulgaria
The work was part of Maria Nalbantova's solo exhibition "Weather Forecast" (2018) at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, curated by Daniela Radeva

Photos by Radostin Sedevchev, Maria Nalbantova and Thomas Soucek

On 22nd of May 1 960 in Chile 6000 people lost their lives in several disasters happening at the same time: a 9.5 degree earthquake, an open volcano crater and a 25- meter tsunami waves – an unpredictable cataclysm. How do we determine the level of the strength of the personal disasters?