Maria Nalbantova
Bookmarks, 2021
photo by Maria Nalbantova

Bookmarks, 2021

Site-specific installation
found bookmarks, paper, ink, metal stands
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria
Hohensalzburg Fortress, 30.07.2021 installation at the presentation of the Leon Kahane's course
Photos by Maria Nalbantova

Twenty bookmarks found at the library of the International Summer Academy in the Fortress of Salzburg are being displayed separated from their books. What is the relation between a bookmark and its book? One can look at these objects as artifacts, links between the bookmark and its book, the bookmark and the reader, the reader and the book, the time and the place, fact and fiction. They leave a mark, a clue, a trace of the person who has decided to stop at a certain page. What is marked there and why? The project draws our attention to the ways we find meaning in these traces.