Maria Nalbantova
Angle of Refraction, 2017
photo by Maria Nalbantova

2017 | Angle of Refraction

photography, digital printing of transparent polypropylene, PVC profiles
120 х 33 сm

Part of the exhibition "In Motion" - Sofia, Bulgaria
curated by "Studio Komplekt"

Every surface represents the reality in a distorted way. The mirror image plays with the characteristic of the representation and turns left into right and vice versa. The obtained picture is real, but at the same time imaginary. Reality is there and at the same time is missing, reality is volumetric and flat, space is three-dimensional, but in this case – two dimensional, time is reversed. The work represents the refraction of just a fragment of reality in a natural mirror – the water surface. This is an artistic view of the feeling of being at the border of reality, sleep or death.