Maria Nalbantova
A Good Deal, 2021
photo by Doriyan Todorov

A Good Deal, 2021

Site-specific installation
Solo Exhibition

soap, water, pigments
8 July–13 August, 2021
UniCredit Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria

Photos by Doriyan Todorov, Yana Lozeva and Maria Nalbantova

A Good Deal is a site-specific installation using the "soap painting" technique and created for the space of UniCredit Studio in Sofia.
Where is the place of the artist in the market economy today? What are the possible conditions for negotiating art? In the context of contemporary art, what does a good deal mean? These are some of the questions that are being asked through the artwork A Good Deal.
The mirror wall in UniCredit Studio has been transformed into a "canvas" on which the artist paints with melted soap, sponges and water. The applied soap has been deeply layered, forming frozen foam bubbles. Through seven gaps and a few cracks we can see our own mirror reflection becoming part of the picture. The sound of withdrawn cash from next-door ATMs becomes the natural soundtrack of the installation.

The exhibition A Good Deal was realized by Maria Nalbantova, after her nomination for Flight in Art Awards of Stoyan Kambarev Foundation (2020) and won the special award of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation and UniCredit Bulbank.

"A Good Deal" - art installation by Maria Nalbantova in UniCredit Studio
camera and post-production by Gospodin Gospodinov
music by Antoni Rayzhekov